Demi Lovato Chooses Kristen Stewart Over Nick Jonas In ‘Who’d You Rather?’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Demi Lovato appeared on Ellen yesterdaysporting a phenomenal hot pink suitand talked being single and dealing with online haters. Ellen DeGeneres, being the innocent yet devilish host she is, played a game of “Who’d You Rather?” with the pop star.

Lovato joked to DeGeneres, “Who’d You Rather what?” DeGeneres assured her that it was up for her interpretation. Upon being faced with the arduous decision between Kristen Stewart and Nick Jonas, Lovato chose Stewart, and instantaneously, a new queer female power ship was born.

Lovato has had a long-running public relationship with Nick Jonas, but has always insisted they’re just friends. Her relationship with the youngest Jonas came under question following the release of her new album, Tell Me You Love Me. The album features a song called “Ruin The Friendship,” and many fans have speculated that the sexy track is about Nick Jonas. While Lovato has yet to confirm or deny that theory, she dodged it eloquently and hilariously in “Who’d You Rather?”

During the game, Lovato went on a run in choosing Rihanna over the likes of Drake, Harry Styles and Zac Efron, then another with Kristen Stewart. “Call me, Kristen!” she joked(?).

We’ve seen celebrities play mindless talk show games like this countless times before. In the grand scheme of things, fighting for equality in vacuous celebrity media segments is negligible. But nonetheless, it was refreshing to see Ellen cater to Lovato’s bisexuality in “Who’d You Rather?” rather than erase her LGBTQ identity.

Plus, Ellen played into the overt silliness of it all. When Lovato struggled to choose between an old friend and a new friend, Ellen quipped, “None of that matters to us. We want to know who you’d rather.”

Last year, Lovato came out as bisexual in her YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, in which she confirmed being open to dating men and women. Before that, her sexuality was often a topic of debate, as she has advocated for LGBTQ rights and has even written songs about dating women (“Cool For The Summer”), but some felt indignant about her refusal to label herself.

But like all of us, Lovato never owed anyone an explanation on her sexuality or how she chooses to identify. The media attention she received was at best uncomfortable, at worst, skirting the line of people trying to drag her out of the closet. Lovato even responded to one of such claims, calling a writer who demanded a statement about her sexuality “expectant” and “rude.”

We’re just happy to see Lovato thriving in her bisexuality. Kristen Stewartcall her!

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