Did Zoe Kravitz Just Wear A Pride Flag To The Emmys?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Zoe Kravitz knows how to pull a look. It’s to be expected with her parents being who they are, but it still never ceases to amaze. And yet when sightings of the actress and former face of Balenciaga turned up on our feeds we couldn’t help but wonder: was Zoe shouting out our community?

If you saw photos of Kravitz on the red carpet you might have thought the look was a red to yellow gradient, a green to yellow ombre or some other combination of colors and then wondered why it was another set of colors in a different photo. The reason is simple: it was all of these colors.

Outfitted in a custom Dior Haute Couture gown that was shown as a part of the brand’s fall 2017 collection, the celebrity’s look seemed easy and light. A simple spaghetti strap bodice and a long, sweeping skirt, the Maria Grazia Chuiri design made an impression. But the color scheme of the skirt could easily be a nod to the Pride flag. And why not? Celebrities have used their clothing to communicate messages before.

While Kravitz herself hasn’t taken a stand on it, her willingness to play a lesbian in Rough NIght means we are giving her the benefit of the doubt. Let it be known that until she says otherwise, we are taking Zoe Kravitz’s rainbow dress as a stand of solidarity with our community.

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