DJ Alison Wonderland Let’s Queer Aussie Couple Get Engaged Mid-set

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Ever since same-sex marriage was finally legalized in Australia last month, our little hearts can’t take all the love coming from Down Under. Recently, Australian MP Tim Wilson proposed to his partner, Ryan Bolger during a debate on the very topic, joining numerous other queer Australians in their walk down the aisle. It’s enough to make us want our very own destination wedding in the Outback (not the steakhouse).

Now we have another public proposal out of Australia to make our hearts explode. DJ Alison Wonderland recently helped facilitate a same-sex proposal at her touring Scarehouse Project, which stopped a secret farm location in Abbotsbury for some 5,000 fans. One such fan was a woman by the name of Biba, whom Alison turned over the stage mid-set.

Biba proposed to her beautiful partner for all the audience to partake in the moment, and subsequently, all of the Twittersphere. And in case you were wondering, she said yes.

Now that Aussies have marriage equality, we’re looking forward to more of these adorable public proposals. We’re also looking forward to a Hemsworth wising up and getting down on one knee Hugh Jackman would work too.

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