Does Brenton Thwaites Have the Butt to Play Nightwing?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Playing a superhero is no small feat. Various superhero and villain roles have attracted Oscar winners like Brie Larson and Jared Leto to bring them to life. But, when it comes to the casting of Dick Grayson as Nightwing in the new Teen Titans live-action series, fans have one question: how’s his butt?

As first pointed out by, DC fans excited to see Nightwing come to life also want to make sure that the character’s iconic backside is faithfully represented when Australian actor Brenton Thwaites, star of Oculus, portrays him in the upcoming series.

In the last seven days since the announcement, searches for “Brenton Thwaites butt” and “Brenton Thwaites ass” have peaked on Google, according to their Google Trends feature.

While this may seem a bit nitpicky, it’s one of the first questions fans had when Thwaites’ casting was announced. Even asked the question after he was cast. As the site points out, Nightwing’s backside has several Tumblr accounts no really dedicated to it.

Something about Nightwing ..

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When INTO googled, there weren’t too many good representations of Thwaites’ backside. But, his Instagram account had at least one.

Runnin’ the Rio Grande a few years ago for #thesignal

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Whether fans think Thwaites’ derriere measures up is still a mystery. Though in the meantime, Tumblr’s fan art will do.

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