Does Sam Smith Know What a “Real Housewives” Tagline Is?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

They all follow a pretty simple formula. They’re funny, or sexy, or bizarre. They involve a swift turn and a flip of the hair. They’re taglines on the Real Housewives franchise and I’m not sure Sam Smith gets them.

When asked by a caller what his tagline would be, Sam Smith responded, “I’m a dick monster.”


I get he was trying to be cute or relatable or whatever, but like has ever heard a tagline? They’re rarely that short. Like, he could’ve said, “People say I’m a monster and that’s true. A dick monster,” or “People think I’m a dick, but I’m just a dick monster.”

The singer, who is currently terrorizing the dick of 13 Reasons Why’s Brandon Flynn, caused Patti LaBelle to give the best reaction face of all time.

Aside from coming out as a dick monster, Smith also recently came out as gender nonconforming.

Images via Bravo

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