Donald Trump Is Reportedly Too Impatient to Get a Good Hair Dye Job

· Updated on May 28, 2018

This just in: Donald Trump doesn’t have the patience of a teenager who is experimenting with a new ~ look ~.

According to a new book, Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Trump’s signature Bozo-the-clown hair color stems from the fact that the Don can’t sit still long enough to get a proper dye job.

New York Magazine published a long excerpt of Wolff’s book which details how much Trump did not want to be president. NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander shared a snippet from the forthcoming book on Twitter.

“The color, she would point out to comical effect, was from a product called Just for Men the longer it was left on, the darker it got,” the excerpt reads. “Impatience resulted in Trump’s orange-blonde hair color.”


According to the excerpt, Trump also got scalp reduction surgery. Which, like, OK, rich people stuff, I guess.

What else do you expect from President Twitter Fingers?

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