‘Drag Race’ Fans Question Whether Shangela’s Fatsuit Was Comedy or Body Shaming

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Safe to say that RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 has left a bad taste in a lot of fan’s mouths. (Look no further than our resident Drag Race herstorian Kevin O’Keeffe’s latest weekly recap.) However, while fans have been quibbling about the lack of storylines and overabundance of drama, a different controversy sprang up last night after Trixie Mattel and Shangela both lip synced for their lives.

During the lip sync, Shangela ripped off her muumuu to reveal that she was wearing a fat suit, complete with nipple pasties, which she proceeded to twerk in for the rest of RuPaul’s “Freaky Money.” Some people were not too happy about Shangela’s stunt.

Vicky Vox, one-third of the infamous DWV with Drag Race alums Detox and Willam, said on their Twitter account that they was “bummed out” by the fat suit and that “fat shaming” was being used for laughs.

Vox was not the only person who tweeted about their disappointment with Shangela’s costume.

There were people on the other side who loved Shangela’s fat suit and celebrated her comedic choice.

While many fans might see the fat suit as innocuous, as one fan pointed out on Twitter, putting the suit in context might bear less funny results.

In a world of “skinny legend” memes and with more than half of LGBTQ youth struggling with eating disorders, a fat suit will probably not read as funny or light-hearted to everyone.

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