‘Drag Race’ Queen Aja Banned from Twitter for Calling Transphobe a ‘Senseless Cow’

Twitter continues to be a great place for transphobes to spew their hate. This time, the person on the receiving end was RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and All Stars Season 3 star Aja, who found herself on the wrong end of a Twitter ban after engaging in a back-and-forth with some trans-exclusionary radical feminists on the platform.

A Twitter user told Aja, who identifies as nonbinary and goes by she/them pronouns, that her identity “wasn’t real.”

Aja responded, “Shut the fuck up you fucking terf – calling me a misogynistic troll? You are a bitter ass fake feminist. Real feminists support all women and all genders equality. Don’t misgender me. You senseless cow.”

Aja spoke about the subsequent ban on her Facebook and the hypocrisy of banning Aja but not the TERFs.  

“I might be blocked but guess what I still identify the same way, I am well validated and alive and happy and nobody can take that,” Aja wrote on Facebook. “Also feminism can be practiced by anyone who believes in equality amongst men and women. Because people keep telling me I can’t be a feminist and that trans women aren’t included in feminism. A vagina does not make a woman and neither do breasts. That social construct of an idea is extremely over. But hey maybe it’s just me.”

Aja triumphantly returned to Twitter on Thursday morning saying she was “moving on.”

I just wanted to take the time to apologize to all the cows I offended the other day,” she wrote.

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