‘Drag Race Thailand’ is Coming to the U.S.

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Between All Stars 3 and Season 10, we’ve basically had Drag Race for the entirety of 2018. To say it’s been a roller coaster would be an understatement. But hold onto your wigs because the first season of Drag Race Thailand is coming to WOW Presents Plus, the paid subscription service from the Drag Race production company that brings us Fashion Photo Ruview and UNHhhh with Trixie and Katya.

If you don’t mind spoilers for the season, here is a popular lip-sync of “Toxic” that went viral last month. In addition to it being a three person lip-sync, it’s also interesting to see the difference in lip-sync styles from around the world.

Drag Race Thailand is obviously going to be less produced than it’s mother show, but that doesn’t mean it’s less sickening. In fact, in the clips I’ve seen, it’s been cool to watch the runways from a culture that I’m not familiar with and it’s also fun to watch the judgeswho have way more of a reaction than RuPaul and Michelle. Like, they literally scream all the timeit’s great.

The inaugural season ofDrag Race Thailandwill be available on May 4th.

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