Breaking Silence

Erick Adame is Setting the Record Straight

Last fall, out former TV weatherman Erick Adame was fired for having appeared on an adult cam site outside of work. Now, he is speaking up to draw attention back to the real story: the fact that predators are able to profit off of sexual content without permission or consequences.

Adame first shared his experience in September, announcing he had been dismissed from NYC’s Spectrum News for appearing on a cam site in 2021. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against the leakers, and court papers revealed that these users had sent sexually explicit content to both his employer and his mother.

Adame has now broken several months of silence in a new Instagram video, wishing viewers a happy new year while confessing that “it has been a rough couple of months.”


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Referring to the story of his dismissal, he said, “That news also gave what I can only call sexual predators the idea that I wanted to be exploited and humiliated as if it were something I enjoyed.”

“I want to be absolutely clear about something tonight,” he went on. “I never wanted any of those images or videos to ever be recorded or kept or saved or shared in any way. And I don’t want any kind of this attention that I’ve been receiving.

“What I do want is for those people to leave me alone. I’m hurt, and I wish that people would focus more on the fact that these videos exist when they shouldn’t exist, as opposed to salacious details that people have really been going on and on and on about.”

Adame offered advice to his viewers, pointing out that what happened to him can easily happen to anyone else. He explained that there are bots that automatically record and save cam site activity. “Many of these websites then have a download available where you can download the entire video for a fee even,” he said. “That means yeah, someone out there makes money off you doing sexual activity on camera without you even knowing.”

He added that many of the offending websites are hosted overseas, which means that they are less likely to respond to cease-and-desist orders.

“You don’t need me to tell you this, that the internet is an extremely dangerous place, and anything that you put out there on the internet is going to be out there forever,” he said. “And there are sexual predators that are ready to exploit you like they have been doing to me.”

Adame concluded by expressing his desire to return to TV once he’s had time to recover from this experience. “I hope in this new year that you’ll be able to see me on camera again,” he said, “because it’s going to take a little bit of courage on my part. So, happy New Year. I’ll see you soon.”


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On a happy note, Adame soon followed up by sharing that he is in a new loving relationship, writing, “I’m a man who wants to be loved, like anyone else would want. And I’m lucky enough to have found that in 2022 despite everything else that happened. Love you, stud.”

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