Everyone Is Thirsty for Kratos from ‘God of War’ And Like, Same

· Updated on May 29, 2018

The new God of War game has made quite the entrance It’s received some great reviews and is currently the highest rated PS4 exclusive on Metatcritic. The fans, however, have been drawn to the game for more than just its beautiful graphics and gameplay: everyone wants a piece of Kratos.

Kratos, the game’s titular protagonist and anti-hero, is a Spartan soldier turned God. The series has a lot of history, but this specific game is about Kratos going on adventures with his son, Atreus. As if the muscles weren’t enough, the single dad narrative is enough to make everyone thirsty.

The fans have been anticipating the game and Kratos’ muscular body for a while now. Even straight guys want to get in on the fun.

While some people are just excited to witness the hot dad in action, others are demanding that we get explicit visual confirmation of Kratos’ being gay.

A couple people eagerly waiting Kratos entrance into the gay dating sim, Dream Daddy. And while he might be a strange attention to the cast, he’d certainly get a warm welcome from the fans!

The one complaint that fans have is that the game is a tiny bit homophobic. You see, if you want give Kratos a stronger defense in combat, you need to put armor on him. The game forces you to cover up the beautiful burly chest and a lot of fans have found that unacceptable.

Adam Moussa discovered a solution to this problem when he found a piece of armor in the game that still shows off Kratos’ uncomfortably detailed nipples. So, there you go!

This opening week for God of War has been a net positive for both the gaming and gay community alike. While we’re beyond thrilled the game has garnered a lot of positive press, we’re even happier than we can enjoy the hot single dad protagonist while we play.

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