Eyes & Ears: Your Must Watch Music Videos for May

· Updated on May 29, 2018
Björk – Notget

Everyone’s favorite Icelandic pixie takes one of the most powerful singles from her 2015 breakup album Vulnicura and goes high-tech with dazzling VR-inspired visuals. But for all its infinite beauty and haunting wails, you get the added bonus of watching what could essentially be Bjӧrk making an arthouse appearance in a Dance Dance Revolution session. Or that Xbox game that nobody could figure out how to play.

Rev Orange County – Untitled

Remember that time you fucked up that really good thing you had with that guy because you were just too dumb (and possibly too drunk) to get your shit together to keep him around? Well, 18-year-old Rex Orange County just put it into an insanely bittersweet and intimate acoustic ballad, paired with a faded home-film vibe, that’s perfect to put on repeat when you accidentally do it again. Seriously though, don’t do it again.

Highly Suspect – Little One

Since we’re talking about heartbreak…this Grammy-nominated trio lays down some soulful bro-rock with a well-shot cinematic story of a bro (but in a glorious vintage polyester suit) losing what appears to be everything that means anything to him. More importantly, it’s a valuable customer service lesson for any of you kids looking to start your own thrift store.

Tinashe – Flame

You probably think of Tinashe as an underrated RB hottie with a solid voice that wails and moans in all the right places, and a smokin’ body that perfectly slinks along to any beat she’s jamming out to. BUT YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR STRAIGHT FRIENDS THAT SHE IS DANGEROUS AF. Do not give her sparklers. Do not let her perform near any open flame. And do not keep your good vodka someplace where she can reach it.

Hurts – Beautiful Ones

British pop-synth duo Hurts didn’t just craft an empowering anthem to kick off your summer; they paired it with a devastating story of trans violence that opts for taking you from the darkness into the light. Stunning, disturbing, and inspiring all at once, this video is making waves throughout the LGBTQ community and will be the one you’ll want to share with your friends.

Kendrick Lamar – DNA

Following an unstoppable hot streak of one critically acclaimed album after another, Kendrick chose “DNA” for his second single off DAMN, and takes a music video scenario we’ve seen one too many times (cop questions rapper) and flips it on its head. The only thing you need to know is that watching Don Cheadle get zapped by Kendrick’s secret superpowers and start spitting lyrics, like his acting career depended on it, makes this video gold.

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