Fans Are Convinced Mulan is Bisexual and Honestly They’re Not Wrong

A promotional still from Ralph Breaks the Internet was released last week, which featured the Disney princesses gathered for a sleepover. Despite Elsa looking like she’s about to provoke a game of lesbian truth or dare, fans were focused on something else: Mulan’s outfit. Now, they’re convinced she’s bisexual.

The gender-fluid queen is picture in repose on a beanbag, sporting a varsity bomber jacket, Converse high-tops and cuffed jeans—which, apparently, is extremely bisexual.

Last year, the internet decided, as it does, that “cuffing your jeans and tucking in baggy shirts is bisexual culture,” a sentiment that swept the internet and swallowed Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who wore cuffed jeans and was dubbed “Bi-derman.”

“I can’t believe Disney just confirmed Mulan is bi,” one user tweeted.

Another fan pointed to the Chinese princess’s clothes, as well as her posture—because bad posture is queer culture.

One fan even illustrated the phenomenon of bisexual clothing, for visual learners.

Mulan isn’t the first character from the Disney film to receive the bisexual treatment. Last year, LGBTQ fans insisted that captain Li Shang was inarguably bi, because he looked at Mulan with the same googly eyes that he looked at her with when she was dressed as “Ping.” The same fans were devastated to find out that Shang wouldn’t be featured in the upcoming live action Mulan movie.

Well, I guess Mulan is bisexual now. And we still want to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend—looks like a perfect couple to me!

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