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Fans are demanding Jonathan Bailey star in an Anthony Perkins biopic and they’ve got a point

It’s no secret that Jonathan Bailey’s recent turn in Fellow Travelers has gotten the British actor a healthy amount of buzz. The McCarthy-era romance features Bailey and costar Matt Bomer as star-crossed lovers trying their best to keep their love—as well as the very, very hot sex they frequently enjoy—under wraps in a Cold War climate.

More importantly, it gives us a chance to drool over Jonathan Bailey in period-accurate Coke bottle glasses. Which has gotten viewers thinking…hey wait a minute, can’t something be done here?

Once the user @heyjaeee posted this insightful tweet, nobody could think about anything else. For those unacquainted with Anthony Perkins, here’s a quick refresher: the queer actor and teen idol is best known for his portrayal of Freudian killer Norman Bates in the 1960 Hitchcock classic Psycho, but his career expanded far beyond that iconic role. For his Broadway debut, Perkins took on the role of “sensitive” (read: gay) teen misfit Tom Lee, whose queerness is seen as something to be “fixed” by his relationship with an older woman. While he didn’t often play out-gay characters (the time period forbade it, with few exceptions) he had a series of semi-open, semi-famous love affairs with gay icons such as fellow heartthrob Tab Hunter and the genius gay composer Stephen Sondheim, with whom Perkins worked on 1973’s The Last of Sheila.

Basically the question we’re all now asking is: who do we have to f*ck to make this happen? (Please don’t say Ryan Murphy.)

It writes itself!

The people want and need this story!

The episodes around evil conversion therapist Mildred Newman will be especially juicy…

Who cares about the height difference! It’s called Hollywood magic, people!

Somebody please get on this–the people demand it!

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