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After last night, Barry Keoghan is a certified transmasc icon

After last night’s Golden Globes, sapphic/tboy Twitter has one thing on its collective mind: Barry Keoghan.

Now perhaps you’re wondering how this came to be. Isn’t Barry Keoghan a cis man? I mean yes…technically. But last night, whoever styled him took a page out of KStew’s book, and the people are beginning to sit up and take notice.

The Saltburn star showed up to the red carpet with a red ensemble of his own—a custom red Louis Vuitton suit, to be precise, complete with wallet chain and what appears to be a unicorn brooch from Tiffany’s. All in all, it’s a stunning look, and it wouldn’t feel entirely out of place at the local lesbian bar-cum-beak soak social.

It’s giving dyke-to-transmasc pipeline.

POV: The most toxic transguy you’ve ever met just showed up to the event. And to be honest, we’re a tad jealous.

It’s giving boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl.

What if…

She/they has captured our hearts, and we won’t stay silent on this important issue!

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