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Billy Porter is Our Genderless Fairy Godmother in ‘Cinderella’ Sneak Peak

Every day, we all wake up and go about our silly little lives thinking we matter. But Billy Porter? That man wakes up and absolutely kills the game. Whether he’s debuting a red carpet look to end all red carpet looks, reading the girls of “Pose” for filth on the ballroom floor, or attending the Met Gala in a chariot, he’s just not fucking around.

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I don’t know if anyone in history has fucked around less than Billy Porter, for whom style, grace, and biting brilliance is simply a way of life.

All this is to say that over the weekend, the icon himself unveiled a first look at his take on the Fairy Godmother in the upcoming live-action, Camila Cabello-starring Cinderella, set to be released later this year. 

And it did NOT disappoint.  

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I mean, where to begin. With the satin ochre gown and its bejeweled, cowl-neck collar? With the bespoke wand? The GIGANTIC BOW??

It’s a combination worthy of Pray Tell himself: the perfect combination of elegance, luxuriousness, and fun. 

The whole outfit is simply stunning, and if that wasn’t enough, Porter himself reminded us in the caption that magic has no gender. 

Obviously fans took to the comments to praise Porter for yet another feat of fashion engineering. User anicole1977  wrote: “I gaggeth and die.🔥❤️” while X-Men actress Alexandra Shipp commented: “I’m screaming this is so beautiful.”

But the best comment of all? The one that compared Porter to the original fairy godmother to end all fairy godmothers: Miss Whitney Houston in the 1997 Disney TV movie”Cinderella”, starring Brandy in the lead, Bernadette Peters as the evil stepmother, and Whoopi Goldberg as the Queen. It might have been the best-cast Cinderella in history…until now. 

“The best one since Whitney!” one commenter wrote. Now that’s high praise. 

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