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Coat Check: Checking in with Mel Stone

Hey Coat Checkers! I haven’t tried a nickname for readers yet, but look, we’re experimenting with the form here. Thrilled today to bring you episode 3 of of Coat Check with the amazing Mel Stone. Mel was one of the first trans women I found on the internet that was out around when I came out and I have long been in awe of how cool she is. She has new music coming out soon, you can find it all on Bandcamp and you can also support her on Patreon if you feel so inclined. 

Mel Stone is a New York-based musician and cat mom. Her sixth EP, Princess, Part 1, releases this September 24th, and her latest single “Simone” is streaming almost everywhere on August 27th. She spends too much time online and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram (@melstonemusic on both!)

Please describe your favorite jacket

I can’t talk about my favorite jacket without talking about the jackets that came before.

When I first transitioned, I wore the same outfit [every day,] like a cartoon character. One pair of shoes, three pairs of identical blue jeans, six black v-neck shirts, and, channeling my inner Lindsay Weir, a baggy, oversized olive canvas jacket. I wore that around like a piece of armor, easing me into myself. I wore that virtually every day, including in the summer, and eventually wore holes into the elbows. Later, as I got more comfortable with myself, I branched out with my outfits and got my first denim jacket. It is a bit more form-fitting than my canvas jacket, but so, so comfortable. I still wear it from time to time when I want to be a little more casual.

My favorite jacket now is this beautiful faux leather jacket I bought myself as a gift for finally finishing my undergraduate degree at the age of 30. It started out a little tight, but I’ve worn myself into it. There are these little zippers on the side pockets that gently scrape my hands when I slide into them. I love everything about this little jacket.

Why this one? What about it connects to you?

I look so fucking good in it. It feels like the natural evolution of my look, and it’s the jacket I feel the most comfortable in. It’s my default look, even in the summer.

How did you feel when you first put it on?

It felt the way I imagine it felt for Arthur to pull Excalibur from the stone. I had never felt cooler and more at home with myself and in my identity. I felt like I had reached a plateau and just became pure vibes.

Did you have a different jacket vibe when you first transitioned vs now?

I think so. I feel like when I first transitioned, my jackets were there to hide me, something I could allow myself to be swallowed up into.

Do you have a dream jacket?

I fantasize about finding a denim jacket that fits me perfectly and has a tasteful faux-fur collar

Which trans femmes are your jacket icons?

Reade Wolcott has looked incredible in everything I’ve seen her in.

Do you have something coming up you want to promote?

I have an EP, Princess Part 1, coming out on Sep. 24th. My first single, Cat’s Song is out now, and my next single, Simone, is out on Aug. 27th.♦

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