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Conservatives are still throwing a fit over Gucci’s gay Christmas campaign

Gucci’s latest holiday campaign features gay couples kissing, and homophobes are predictably crying for boycotts. Because if there’s one industry that is a sacred space for heterosexuals, it’s high-end fashion.

“Togetherness. Envisioned by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, the Gucci Gift campaign spotlights moments spent with loved ones,” reads the caption for the campaign’s flagship ad. In the video, the camera zooms out on various holiday parties (and makeout sessions) while Sam Smith’s cover of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” plays.

Gucci followed up with photo ads of couples kissing. “Love, love, love,” read the caption on a post featuring a gay couple. “Celebrating encounters full of emotion with Gucci Gift.”

Bigots showed their Christmas cheer by flooding the comments, promising to leave Gucci on a hopeless quest for a fashion brand without gays. “Time to unfollow,” said one.

Another added, “This is making me turn my wallet back in.”

“Never buying from Gucci again,” said another.

Luckily, it wasn’t all negativity. Other users were quick to point out the hilarious irony of being outraged that Gucci is not a conservative values brand. “Imagine being into fashion and being homophobic,” said one.

“‘Unfollow’ must be code for ‘broke and will never have it,’” said another.

One especially poignant response read: “To all the people triggered by this, do not search for early 2000s Gucci campaigns.” Under creative director Tom Ford, Gucci was one of the most unabashedly sexual brands during that era. And compared to model Carmen Kass shaving the Gucci logo into her pubes, gay couples kissing is pretty tame.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that homophobes have expressed apparent shock that certain businesses have always had a big gay consumer base—Target and Starbucks, among others. But whereas those brands have folded to conservative pressure campaigns, let’s hope Gucci makes good on its message of universal love.

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