Doja Cat is Our Premier Gender Critic

· Updated on January 28, 2023

It’s only been a few days since Doja Cat broke the internet with her full body red crystal ensemble for Paris’s Haute Couture Week. While not quite as jaw-dropping, her latest look is not only androgynous and awesome—it’s a masterful bit of trolling.

Doja Cat debuted her latest look at Viktor & Rolf’s fashion show on January 25. It saw the rapper dressed in a beige suit with a plastered-on eyebrows, mustache and soul-patch. So far so queer. But closer inspection reveals that the facial hair is all composed of fake eyelashes.

Why eyelashes? Why not? Fashion Week is full of out-there, avant garde ensembles. But it turns out there is actually a hidden meaning behind this particular wardrobe choice.

It all goes back to the now iconic red crystal look for Monday’s Schiaparelli show. While there was plenty about the outfit for the internet to meme, some takes chose the absolute most mundane thing to comment on. Looking past the 30,000 Swarovski crystals or the red body paint, these viewers were fixated on the fact that Doja Cat did not have eyelashes.

Speaking to Nylon Magazine on her latest look, Doja Cat offered her outfit as a response to those viewers. “A few days ago I did Schiaparelli and people were saying that I didn’t have lashes and that they’re disappointed I didn’t have on lashes,” she explained.

“Yet I worked with one of the greatest makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath. So today I gave them lashes. So I hope they’re happy. And I just want to make people happy.”

Even at Fashion Week, Doja Cat is here to troll. And judging by their responses, the people are indeed very happy.

For her part, Doja Cat does have much more than trolling with this outfit. “I love being here and I love expressing myself here,” she said. Now that Haute Couture week is officially over, we’ll have to look forward to Doja Cat expressing herself on her next record, which she has hinted may be a double album.

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