Everyone is Obsessed with Emma Corrin’s Campy “Balloon Bra”

Nonbinary “The Crown” and My Policeman star Emma Corrin swept the red carpet last night at the UK’s Olivier Awards. But not by winning any awards: merely by appearing in a fresh LOEWE “balloon” dress replete with a tan balloon bra over the whole look. It was stunning, gay, and very campy. Corrin’s stylist explained as much in an Instagram post from the night, saying of the look at “this one’s for the gays.”

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It certainly was. Lord knows we gays love our…balloons?

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Despite prudish comments from the straights about Corrin’s attire, the star fully showed out, to the delight of queer fans everywhere.

Suffice it to say we’re all obsessed.

Serving face, balloons, and glamour.

Vogue is calling it the season’s “campiest dress.” Sounds like a challenge…

Camp or not, the gays are grateful, gratified, and stunned.

And we can’t forget about the balloon HEELS, because the devil is in the details, darlings.

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