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Frank Ocean Released an X-Rated Accessory and Twitter Had the Best Reaction

The newest jewels from Frank Ocean’s luxury brand Homer have arrived, and one very provocative item has stolen the show. The recent drop includes digital-dog-shaped pendants, diamond bracelets designed to look like a chain of bones, hand-stitched silk scarves with colorful puppy-themed patterns, and a white gold dog bone collar drenched in the brand’s signature lab-created diamonds. But for obvious reasons, the c*ck ring is the item people can’t stop talking about. 

The “H-Bone Ring” is available in sizes 6 through 12, in various materials and colors. The most extravagant version is handmade 18-karat yellow gold, set with princess-cut diamonds and layers that highlight its dog bone (or H-shaped) motif. Despite the high price, it’s already sold out on the Homer website. 

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The brand’s Instagram account announced the c*ck ring with a blurred-out dick pic onto which the gold XXXL-size ring was superimposed. Fans have since bonded over the shocking experience of opening the app to scroll and being hit with the image. 

But once the shock wore off, most people can’t help but be enthusiastic about it. It certainly is a statement piece!

Though the price varies depending on the edition one chooses, when the people saw that it could cost as much as $25k, they had opinions! 

But, if these tweets and the sold-out notice on the website is any proof, there are people willing to drop dollars for a dick that sparkles. 

The desire for this luxury item inspired some extremely creative plans to purchase. C*ck ring custody arrangement, anyone? 

Proposing with the Frank Ocean c*ck ring… it’s more likely than you think. 

Sending thoughts and prayers to this person, who simply heard “Homer” and went with their first thought. Tbh, it’s a fair assumption, just a wild one. 

In the replies to the above tweet, you’ll find an NSFW screenshot of the Google results, which include an illustration of the cartoon character wearing a donut as a c*ck ring —and a veiny dildo shaped in Homer’s likeness, where the packaged is labeled a “Dild’doh!”

Though perhaps the idea of a Homer Simpson cock ring is not much more surprising than Frank Ocean dropping a c*ck ring instead of an album…

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