Gilded Gays

All That Glittered Was Gay Gold at This Year’s Met Gala

Last night was the Met Gala, and it was a gilded glamorous affair. 

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Well, that’s what we were told the theme was, but I’m not so sure if everyone else knew that. Regardless, those who could make it were there and those of us social media fashion critics were at home critiquing all of the fashion that the Met Gala had to offer.

Thankfully, plenty of celebrities offered their best last night. 

So here are some of our queer and trans faves showing off what gilded glamour means to them:

Dove Cameron

Deconstructing outfits to make a sick outfit? We stan.


Looking polished in pearls:

Janelle Monae

“Photogenic” is putting mildly:


She took a DNA test and…well, you know the rest!

Tommy Dorfman

The best accessory of the evening is also a statement on protecting trans youth:

MJ Rodriguez

10s, 10s, 10s across the board!

Ariana DeBose

Just an Oscar winner showing us how it’s done:

Tessa Thompson

When she’s not ruling New Asgard as the MCU’s Valkyrie, Tessa is busy ruling fashion:

Conan Gray 

We love a cape moment:

Melissa King

Again, these are the gilded hands that won Top Chef:

Lena Waithe

Cardi B

Gilded from head to toe:

Needless to say, the internet had a field day with this event:

@aymansbooks he looks good but it ain’t the theme #metgala2022 #lauraharrier #sebastianstan ♬ She looks incredible and he is there – Amanda

@juliacarolann I’m laughing so hard RUN KENDALL #LIKEABOMBSHELL #FORDfortheBuilders #metgala #metgala2022 #kendalljenner ♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up – Jadyn

And now we retreat back to our homes to patiently await another year and another Met Gala fashion review

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