Why Not?

Just Photos of Cher in Outfits Because Why Not

Trina may hold the title of “Baddest Bitch,” but veteran singer/performer/multi-hyphenate Cher is likewise no slouch. I’m not saying she’s coming for the crown, but as bad bitchery goes, Cher has given us decades, literal DECADES of lewks, vibes, outfits and quotes. For this, we are eternally grateful. 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane as we appreciate some of the icon’s most daring and boundary-breaking ‘fits. 

Starting off strong: 

Who could forget this Old Hollywood look?

Lingerie realness:

Our lady of the jean/cardigan combo:

Those JEANS!

Forever stuck on u

Airport fashion has never been so good:

Why didn’t I wear this to Prom?

What up Mom and Dad:


A fertility GODDESS to be sure!

Last but certainly not least, the iconic dressing room photo:

Cher, keeping giving us lewks. We would truly be nothing without you.

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