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Lizzo’s Impromptu Flute Performance at the Met Gala is the Exact Energy We Need Right Now

Like previous years, the 2022 Met Gala has been a stunning display of lewks and queer excellence. But one celebrity in particular was not content with a mere photo op—Lizzo treated onlookers to an impromptu $55,000 flute performance.

The theme was Gilded Glamor, and Lizzo arrived wearing a Thom Browne overcoat hand-embroidered with intricate gold floral patterns. Underneath was a form-fitting black gown, and around her neck was a gold Lorraine West choker. All in all, it was a stark change from the feathery pink of Lizzo’s last Met Gala appearance in 2019.

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In long nails of black and gold, Lizzo carried an accessory—arguably the real star of the ensemble—a golden flute.

During the Vogue livestream event, Lizzo joked, “So basically I’m gonna be opening everybody’s wine tonight so that’s why I got these corkscrew nails done. … I can wipe my ass with them, believe or not baby, I can wipe my ass I’m doing the things too. Hopefully, I can play the flute.”

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True to her word, the flute was much more than a prop, and Lizzo confidently demonstrated this fact to a gathering of reporters. In a video from Variety, Lizzo started out by describing her outfit. “I’m a bad bitch,” Lizzo said. “I just do what bad bitches do.

“This coat took 22,000 hours to make, this flute is a rare $55,000 flute, and I’m in Thom Browne. It’s hugging my curves just right and I look amazing.”

But before moving on, she sent the reporters away with a flute serenade.

In short, Lizzo wasn’t just wearing gilded glamor to the gala—she was living it.

Speaking to Page Six, Thom Browne credited Lizzo with inspiring him to use the long process of hand-embroidery. “It’s one of the most beautiful things I have done for someone,” Browne said. “It’s something worthy of someone as special as Lizzo.”

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