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Luke Evans strips down to his briefs because he wants you to buy them

Actor and heartthrob Luke Evans has gone viral with a video clip he posted at the end of last week. In it, he strips down to a pair of white briefs. He does so because he wants you to buy them.

No, not the actual pair he’s wearing (although we’re sure some people would pay very good money for them…). Evans recently launched his own bespoke clothing range, called BDXY (inspired by the words “bold” and “sexy”). ‘The Unit’ underwear brief, which he’s modeling, along with the ‘The Actor’ burgundy T-shirt, are part of the inaugural collection.

The video has had almost 750,000 views and prompted hundreds of admiring comments. Among those to like it was actress Dakota Fanning, who knitted Evans the scarf he’s wearing in the clip.

Evans has appeared in such movies as Beauty & The Beast, Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit, and Midway. He recently appeared opposite Billy Porter in Our Son and with Dan Levy in Good Grief.

BDXY is a collaboration between Evans and his Spanish partner Fran Tomas, and fashion stylist Christopher Brown. The trio announced the launch of the brand at the beginning of February.

Classic Hollywood

To begin with, BDXY is focusing on wardrobe staples, such as T-shirts, underwear and swimwear.

“Over the years I’ve dabbled in fashion, I’ve been to lots of shows, I’ve been ambassador for different brands, from Bulgari to Police,” Evans told WWD. “And I’ve always thought about what I would do if I made my own brand — what I would make and how I would do it. We came together a year and a half ago, and very quickly [realized] we all had a very similar opinion on what we thought about staple pieces of a men’s wardrobe.”

The collection draws inspiration from “classic Hollywood”. Hence choosing names such as “The Actor’ for its T-shirt design.

Here’s another video BDXY posted yesterday. It shows all three men demonstrating how their ‘medium’ fit can be worn by different body builds.

And here are some models again in ‘The Unit’ underwear.

However, prices are not cheap. T-shirts will start at £68, says WWD (approx. $86) and £135 for the swim shorts ($170).

Evans and Tomas sourced a small, family-run factory in Portugal to make their high-quality designs. Co-founder Brown defended the price by pointing to the quality of the materials and the ethos of the business.

“It costs a little more because it’s sustainable,” Brown said. “We don’t want to be in the fast-fashion world.”

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