Marc Jacobs’ 40th anniversary celebration went up in flames

Every celebration needs a cake, but be careful with the number of candles on it.

Famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs is celebrating 40 years of his namesake brand. And to celebrate the epic anniversary, the iconic fashion brand released a spring campaign with a few famous Marc Jacobs affiliates, like Dakota Fanning, FKA Twigs, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Speaking of Lil Uzi Vert, we can’t forget about their adorable (and stressful) Marc Jacobs ad of them carrying a cake that’s almost as tall as them into an elevator.

And speaking of cake, no anniversary celebration is complete without one and 40 years of slaying the runway and magazines deserves something sweet. Well, that dessert turned into something more than expected.

Jacobs’ was presented with a cake that assumedly had 40 candles too many. And while Jacobs tried his best to blow out the candles, he probably would’ve been better off using a fire extinguisher at this point.

But since Jacobs couldn’t put out the fire, he makes sure to take himself and his infamous “The Tote Bag” with him. Of course the internet couldn’t resist talking about where Jacobs’ priorities were during this five-alarm fire crisis.

Honestly, if this is marketing for The Tote Bag, apparently it’s working.

But it more than likely isn’t and with that in mind, maybe it’s best to switch up the candles for next anniversary celebration.

Here’s to many more years and fewer fires for the acclaimed fashion brand.

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