Ok, I’ll Bite: Why is “Wet Bottoms” Trending on Twitter?

Everyone’s favorite non-gay person is back in the news! And for a very on-brand reason.

In case you didn’t know, singer and past One Direction frontman Harry Styles has a nail polish brand called “Pleasing.” The queer ally—who once helped a fan come out as bisexual during a live show and recently dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in a fashion spread—has been dipping his toes into other artistic realms of late, such as acting (in the upcoming feature My Policeman) and entrepreneurship. Enter “Pleasing,” whose “Hot Holiday” collection titles were just released. And boy, is Twitter happy about it. 

Not only to the polish bottles look like butt plugs, one shade–a gorgeous clear color that “looks like lube” according to some commenters–is called “Wet Bottoms.” Because why not?

A deep blue shade, meanwhile, is cutely named “Harry’s Chair.” Needless to say, the Internet is having the time of its life with this news.

Who knew nail polish could make everyone so goddamn horny? Well…everyone. I guess everyone knew.

Honestly, a non-gay explanation is going to be hard to come up with.

I give up, y’all. Happy Pleasing day to you, pleas(ing) and thank you!

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