Okay, What’s the Real Tea On TomboyX?

If you’re not aware of TomboyX, the trendy gender-neutral brand that just inked a Pride deal with Target, you’re about to learn. The brand has been making gender-affirming clothing for years, and now they’re selling compression tops for Pride. 

People on Twitter are excited about being able to buy chest-binding garments from Target this year. And yes, while that’s a big step forward, there’s still something else that needs to be addressed. 

Back in 2020, a trans male model was mistreated, misgendered, and silenced after he was hired to model their clothes.

In the two years since, he still hasn’t gotten an apology.

One user pointed out the problem with TomboyX’s advertising succinctly:

That said, brands are imperfect things, and there’s always room to grow. But until this model gets his apology, we’re holding off on giving them their laurels. 

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