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People are losing their sleepy minds over this year’s Met Gala theme

We hope you’re feeling cozy, because this year’s Met Gala theme is strictly for the sleepy girls. That’s right: in a move extremely fitting for the year of “quiet quitting” and cozy cardio, the powers that be have designated this year’s Met Gala theme as “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.”

Now we know what you’re thinking: are we about to see a procession of bespoke PJs and bejeweled sleeping bags? I mean, hopefully, yes. In a year that’s been nothing short of exhausting, the people are ready to take a highly fashionable nap on those Met steps, and can you blame us?

Of course no sooner did word drop of the “Sleeping Beauty” theme drop than the jokes started cracking.

The Met Gala: Beddy-bye edition. It’s very much giving honk shoo mimi.

We stan a sleepy queen!

Let’s be real: we already know who will win this look even without setting a foot inside that building.

The girls are tired!

Tired, but still fancy.

Catch us on that red carpet looking positively ready for the grave!

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