Chosen Family

Serving Pride and Love With Chosen Family in Their Calvins

Calvin Klein is serving up all of the Pride looks with its new campaign “This is Love”. The Spring campaign is designed to celebrate chosen family. Images and videos highlight the bonds between LGBTQ family, friends, partners, and allies.

The collection consists of underwear, apparel, and activewear, with each item made with a color of the Progress Pride Flag in mind. Those colors consist of black for beauty, brown for power, pink for sex, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, tan for harmony, white for nonbinary, turquoise for magic, blue for serenity. 

Present and accounted for within the campaign are filmmaker John Waters and actress Mink Stole, actress Sasha Lane and her brother Sergio Lane, members from The Trevor Project, iconic ballroom house House of Xtravaganza, boyfriends and actors Justice Smith and Nic Ashe, musician Snail Mail and her community, hairstylist Holli Smith and her fiancé Pony, and the Afrofuturistic arts collective TRIBE.

Paired with the campaign are interviews with the different models about what family means to them. This display of chosen family is nothing short of beautiful. 

I mean look at this.

I’m not crying. You are. 

And queer Twitter had all of the feels for this recent Calvin Klein campaign, just in time for Pride Month.

This campaign title is accurate. This is love. 


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