Femme Rapper Drebae Is Nicki Minaj-Approved

· Updated on May 29, 2018

The point of arrival for Bay Area rapper Drebae is unclear, but what is blatantly obvious is that the young MC isn’t settling for anything less than 24 carats, Cartier, and custom made.

Drebae’s new video for “Elegant” starts off with a silk robe perfume spritz moment in front of a vanity, followed by a strategically placed red Cartier box that inhabits a Mercedes Benz coupe (hear it purr).

An apathetic Drebae examines their flawless manicure while holding a phone up to their ear, without saying a word. Evidently, Drebae’s lips are not moving so we can only presume that the person on the other end of this phone line is an admirer, to which Drebae says, “I don’t catch no feelings, I only want me some diamonds. He said, ‘But shorty I love you!’ I stay quiet like I’m mimin.”

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Drebae’s high femme brand of unbothered opulence has the potential to go very farbut rewind to last December and you’d find a Drebae less sure of their own potential.

The 20-year-old MC was a makeup artist and beauty vlogger, honing their rap skills on the side, when they were feeling skeptical about their material.

“But I sent it to Nicki Minaj on Twitter and she DM’d me back saying ‘You killed that,’” Drebae says.

And with that co-sign, an emboldened Drebae would go on to release two more tracks: “Trust In Me, Emma Frost” and an iconic freestyle, garnering even more A-list supporters, including Kehlani.

“The meaning of the song is in the name itself,” Drebae tells INTO.

“Through all the negativity life throws at you remain elegant and let these bitches know. The song is for anyone who carries themselves in a classy manner. Keep yourself tip-top, on point, and never respond to hate. The bag is most important and 10/10 they are jealous and want what you have.”

Watch the video premiere for “Elegant” below:

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