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Fans Have Deemed McDonald’s Mascot Grimace a New Gay Icon

*photo credit: McDonald’s via Instagram

Ronald McDonald may be synonymous with McDonald’s, but the fast food chain has a newly declared gay icon that’ll give him a run for his money.

When it comes to notable McDonald’s mascots, Grimace is pretty unforgettable. To make sure consumers never forget, McDonald’s celebrates his birthday in June with a limited time meal called “Grimace’s Birthday Meal” that consists of either a Big Mac or 10-piece chicken nuggets, fries, and a purple milkshake that tastes like cereal milk. To add to the celebration, McDonald’s stated in a press release that they would be launching a new video game for Grimace, selling Grimace-themed merchandise, and encouraging customers to donate to the restaurant’s nonprofit Ronald McDonald House Charities. Well, now that June is here, so is “Grimace’s Birthday Meal” and with its arrival comes a new status for Grimace: gay icon. 

The furry, purple, triangular-shaped entity has been deemed a gay icon by consumers during pride month and have taken to social media to express their love for the McDonald’s mascot during Pride month. Fans of Grimace have flocked to McDonald’s in their area dressed as him to pick up their “Grimace’s Birthday Meal”. 


New mcdonalds grimace birthday meal and shake! grimace tastes so good 🥰 mcdonalds food

♬ birthday – multi

McDonald’s has also gone as far as handing over its Instagram account over to Grimace for some extra birthday meal promo. Now queer fans are giving Grimace one more reason to celebrate his special day with his newly minted gay icon status.

Interestingly enough, McDonald’s marketing promo has never officially identified Grimace’s actual birthday, even though his meal became available starting June 12. Since 1971, Grimace has been a faithful part of McDonald’s marketing. Originally he was introduced as a hamburger thief, similar to the Hamburglar, who had four arms and scales. That, however, didn’t fly well with children and consequently, we have the lovable absent minded, furry mascot that we know today.

“Grimace’s Birthday Meal” is typically released in mid-June. While there is no rhyme or reason as to why it comes out during this time, Grimace still celebrates his birthday during Pride month. So, for queer fans, that’s more than enough reason to welcome Grimace into the arms of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sure, companies are notorious for corporatizing Pride month. But the introduction of Grimace’s gay icon status hails from queer fans, whether corporations want it or not. So, happy birthday to “mother Grimace.”


happy birthday to our queen, grimace from mcdonalds. thank you to the clown for coming in for this one. 🤡🫡 #tattoo #tattoos #grimace #grimacesbirthday #grimaceshake #portland #oregon #mcdonalds

♬ Rock N Roll McDonalds – Wesley Willis

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