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The Thirst is Real for These Queer “Great British Bake Off” Contestants

The Great British Bake Off kicked off its 13th season this past month, and with three out contestants, it is proving to be one of the gayest seasons yet.

James Dewar is a 25-year-old nuclear scientist from Cumbria. He is also a 70s and 80s horror movie fan and expresses this in his baking through fall flavors that evoke the Halloween spirit.


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Janusz Domagala is 34 years old and works as a teacher’s assistant in East Sussex. He learned baking from his mother and describes his style as “colorful, camp, and cartoonish.”


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But one particular out contestant is pulling heartstrings across the internet. Nelsandro “Sandro” Farmhouse is a 30-year-old nanny working in London, and his background is about as sweet as his pastries. He began baking at 21 as a way to cope with his father’s death. Now, he hosts classes where he teaches children with autism how to bake through a partnership with Baking on the Spectrum.

His charity project, Beyond the Cakes, explains how he came to view baking as a vehicle for self-care and social good: “Sandro didn’t have the best start in life, difficulties at school resulted in him dropping out and following the wrong path. It was when he worked in a school for children with behavior issues, he realized that though cake decorating he could connect with the young people, helping them to open up about issues affecting them most. This prompted Sandro to create baking and cake decorating workshops.

“It was pretty tough coming out as gay in East London, but Sandro wasn’t put off. The community champion, Youtuber, and celebrity cake maker is determined to widen his impact and raise awareness of talent within the BAME LGBT+ community. ”

On top of being a kind person dedicated to helping others, Sandro also happens to be a complete smokeshow.

The internet has dutifully taken notice, dubbing him “cake daddy” and “the great British baking snack.”

So far, the gays are faring well in the competition. Janusz has earned the coveted title of Star Baker twice, and all three have scored high rankings in the technical challenges. With three episodes down, there are seven remaining in the current series.

The Great British Bake Off airs on Channel 4 in the UK and on Netflix in the US as The Great British Baking Show.

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