TikTok zaddy Jon Kung releases new cookbook and teases ‘OnlyFlans’

· Updated on December 6, 2023

Are you gay? Do you eat food? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then we probably don’t have to introduce you to chef and internet zaddy Jon Kung. Known for Chinese fusion recipes and dry humor, Jon Kung has gained a loyal following through his nutritious and creative dishes.

Currently promoting his new book Kung Food, Jon took time away from his busy schedule to share with us. He mentions why everyone should watch The Gilded Age, where to find more content (“OnlyFlans” to come), and his experience sharing food as a queer creative. Get a taste of what you can expect out of Jon Kung’s new book, and why you should consider checking it out.

*Photo provided by Jon Kung

What was your approach toward writing your book Kung Food and did you take inspiration from any food writers/content creators?

My inspiration comes from so many places including dishes from other cultures and people such as Eric Kim. One of my favorite parts about the writing process is giving credit to your inspiration and your teachers. People are always looking for the story behind any creative work and telling a dish’s full history to the best of your ability is so much better than trying to just take all the credit for yourself. So, there’s just too many to list here. 


Dont skimp on your cheat day meals. Give yourself the full treat youve been working for but also don’t forget a side of veggies to help you through it too.

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How does your identity as a queer person affect how you engage with and share food?

I think queer people operate with a level of freedom that gives the creative ones among us a little leg up in our expression. We’re not burdened by the societal expectations set upon us because we never adhered to them in the first place (and in plenty of cases we were never accepted by them at all, shunned for our differences). So, when you’re talking about expressing ourselves, I believe we start at a 5 instead of a 1 and this translates into everything we do creatively whether it be writing, drag, or food. 

Most people who follow you know that you’re something of an expert on queer culture. Who is the pop culture icon you talk about as if they are your best friend? 

I might revere my idols too much to refer to them as friends. I don’t think I’d dare. 

Circling back to Eric Kim, in a post on Instagram you “asked” him about how many books he sold after he posted feet pics. So, when can fans expect your feet pics to drop?

Subscribe to my “OnlyFlans” and you just might, eventually.

What is your favorite piece of gay slang? 


What show are you currently obsessed with?

I’m very much into The Gilded Age on HBO. It’s the gayest show on television. A period drama set in industrializing New York featuring powerful wealthy women, and so much witty repartee. It has Audra McDonald, Cynthia Nixon, and Christine Baranski; all of them in hats.


Chilled Soba with Heirloom Tomatos and Mentsuyu on the Detroit River

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Jon Kung’s content can be found on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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