Frank Ocean Makes Cyber Monday Relevant, Releases Physical Copies Of Visual Album ‘Endless’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

With all this royal engagement news, we almost forgot that it’s Cyber Monday, a feast day for America’s one true patron saint, capitalism, that’s like Black Friday for the “I’m not getting up at 4:30 a.m.” crowd.

Frank Ocean didn’t forget, though. Per The FADER, he has announced the physical release of Endless, meaning you’ll finally be able to own it on vinyl ($35), CD and DVD ($25), and even VHS if for some reason you still have a functioning VCR ($17.99).

Endless, as you might remember, is the visual album Ocean released back in 2016 a week before he surprise-released his actual long-awaited second album, Blonde. As Pitchfork reported back when they both dropped, Endless was reportedly Frank’s way to fulfill his contract obligations to label Def Jam so that he could release Blonde independently.

While Endless wasn’t received quiteas well as Blonde was a week later, reception was still pretty damn warm. Speaking of which, why not revisit some of the best critical writing about Endless that we got last year? Here’sBritt Julious’ review for Thump and a FADER roundtable featuring Morgan Parker, Danez Smith, Brit Bennett, and Darnell Moore.

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