Gay Love Causes Major Drama and Hilarious One-Liners in New ‘Heathers’ Clip

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In all its early Winona glory, we will always love and treasure the 1988 teen cult classic that is Heathers. With its darkly comedic view on high school popularity, a slew of timelessly quotable one-liners, and the bad boy sex appeal of a young Christian Slater, it remains near and dear to our hearts 30 years later. That’s why we’ll either love or hate the upcoming Paramount Network TV series reboot.

The new show reimagines the iconic events of the film in a modern day high school. And the new batch of Heathers features a Heather of color and some queer Heathers. Although some might see this as a perpetuation of the queer villain trope, it could also be seen as the new standard of beauty and cool, making it possible for the once outsiders to become the popular kids.

In a new clip from the show, we get our first glimpse at some full-on Heather-on-Heather drama. This particular spat takes place between Heather Chandler (Melanie Field) and Heather Duke (Brendan Scannell). When Heather Duke goes on a secret date with his new beau, Heather Chandler finds out and does not approve.

While the clip hints at all the campy dark comedy we could ask for, it also gives us a tease of the witty repartee that’s yet to come. In addition to giving us an update on the iconic “brain tumor for breakfast” line from the original film, it throws a hilarious bone to the inevitable queer fan base of the new shoe.

“Everyone needs to know your crime, Heather,” Heather Chandler says to Heather Duke in a heated confrontation. “You brought a bachelorette party into a gay bar, and now you have to pay.”

If that’s not the biggest sin in the gay community, I don’t know what is.

Heathers premieres March 7 on Paramount Network. Watch the clip below:

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