Gay Twitter Appropriates March Madness with ‘RPDR’ and Pop Diva Brackets

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Have you ever wondered what March Madness is? I mean, we hear about it every year around this time when mattress stores have March Madness deals and bars throw the term around to enforce their masculinity. Well, it apparently has something to do with basketball, which is that thing that’s usually playing on the TVs at Gym Bar or that your dad is discussing while avoiding the issue of your newly bleached hair.

So, it’s about time the gays took it over and spruced it up a little bit. The time-honored tradition of creating March Madness brackets, which up till now has been reserved for middle-aged suburban men and their hot wing-loving friends from work, has been making the rounds on gay Twitter. Leave it to gay people to find things we love and pit them against other things we love in a public online spectacle.

Most of these brackets have exposed our true feelings about RuPaul’s Drag Race queens and Lady Gaga songs. And with those opinions, we can expect friendships to end and mutinies to begin. Regardless, we need something to keep us preoccupied during sports events when there’s no diva to look forward to at the halftime performance.

It’s about time we appropriate something from straight culture for a change. Now let’s throw on some revealing gym shorts and knee-high socks while we get uber-competitive over pop culture!

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