The 10 Most Popular Gaymojis….So Far

· Updated on May 29, 2018

We’re a little biased, but Gaymoji is our preferred choice of sticker. Now that they’re plastering chats and messages on phones worldwide, let’s rank the ones getting used the most. Do you know Gaymoji? No really, do you?


Regular hearts are basic. Like Gap basic (which there’s also a Gaymoji of, btw).


You’d think this was higher, but the theory is that booty texts are the new booty call. Unless you thought this meant “butt dial”. Um, isn’t that what screen locks are for?


You’re hungry, you’re laughing, you’re trying to catch a snowflake….this is the total Swiss Army Knife of Gaymojis.


The official seal of approval. Know it, live it, say it, and may there never be a demand for a Gaymoji that says, “Naaa!”


There are some things gays just get better than other people.


Put down the razor and back away. Fur is back.


Yeah yeah…we all know what this means. Sometimes, one is more fun but you know someone is gonna look at this and report us to PETA.


Don’t just show him any kind of love. Show him this.


Spirit animal, mascot, fashion inspiration. You can say it’s a mythical creature, but this horned steed is real in our hearts. The rainbow mane is the cherry on top.

And the biggest Gaymoji is….


Thought it would be something dirty? Nope. Sometimes a nice kiss is all you want. And then a few more. And some more…

Have you tried Gaymoji yet? Why not? Download the free app for iOS here or for Android here.

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