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Gen Z Is Shaping Our Culture and Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report Proves That

Gen Z is the future of our society. The generation born between 1997 and onward are shaping the way we engage with politics, culture, social media, the environment, and most definitely the media. But how can we truly assess their impact and what impacts them? Well, Instagram took care of that.

In the newly released Instagram 2023 Trend Report, the social media app partnered with WGSN to curate survey information from 1200 Gen Z social media users between the ages of 16 to 24. Measuring trends, topics, and issues that drive culture on the platform, the second annual Instagram Trend Report gives a snapshot of what trends and predictions impact the Gen Z community. 

Featured on the Instagram 2023 Trend Report are predictions and trends on the following: 

  • Fashion: Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct
  • Taking Action in Activism
  • Climate and Expressive Beauty
  • Alt Takes on the Metaverse
  • The Financial Renaissance
  • Cultural Curiosity: Participatory Global Eats
  • Creator Trends: Community and Participation
  • Music: Return of the Rave and Rise of Global Beats
  • Your 2023 Dating Profile

Essentially, no stone was left unturned and the findings are just as interesting as Gen Z. Results found that more than half of Gen Z respondents plan to DIY their clothes in 2023. Moving from fashion to beauty, 2 out of 3 Gen Z shoppers plan to buy skincare/beauty products that defend against extreme weather and sun. Because, you know, you have to protect yourself from climate change. 

Additionally, when it comes to politics, a majority of Gen Z voters think the country needs more Gen Z folks in public office. Thankfully, we are on that path, with Maxwell Frost becoming the first Gen Z member of Congress. 

As for social media, well watch out Bumble, Tinder, and Grindr, Instagram is the new dating app. Many respondents planned on using social media for dating and new connections in the new year. But all in moderation, as one in four Gen Z social media users want to set screen-time limits. 

Still, if they’re not making connections, Gen Z folks are busy making money moves. Nearly two thirds of respondents plan to use social media to bring in coins during 2023. 

To support Instagram’s 2023 report, the social media app collaborated with reporter Darian Symoné Harvin, as she interviewed a bevy of Gen Z (and queer) creators on culture and innovation for 2023. You’ll catch the likes of Deja Foxx, Laurel Charleston, Emma Rogue, Deandre Brown, Sophia Wilson, Mad Tsai, Nasim Lahbichi, and Emily Flores in a sizzle reel below.


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You can learn more about the 2023 Instagram Trend report here and see what the future has in store for Gen Z. 

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