Georden West’s Marie Antoinette-Inspired Photo Series Explores the Beauty of Being Different

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Ever wanted to see Marie Antionette as a boy?Well, today you’re in luck!

We collaboratedwith Boston Ballet ballerina Desean Taber and photographer Georden West to show you just that. Here’s there stunning collaborationthat is a must see only here onINTO.


As a young child I didn’t understand that being different is actually beautiful. I am a multiracial man who grew up in a not so diverse Connecticut town. I did not think that I was beautiful, because I didn’t look like everyone else. I had brown eyes, and tight curls… everyone else had long wavy hair and colorful eyes. But fortunately, I had amazing parents and friends who always believed in me, and told me that being different was not a bad thing at all. As I continue to grow up I realize that the differences are what make us all beautiful. Men don’t have to masculine, women don’t have to be feminine, we can all just be ourselves. Stepping out of the categories has helped me free myself and find happiness.

ABOUT GEORDEN WEST (photographer):

I create media manifestations of real and unreal characters from the recesses of uncharted queer history, valuing revision over retrospection. I work by constructing reimagined scenarios to allow historical characters to exist in the context of modernity based on the collaborative embodiment of my subject.


Photographer: Georden West (@geordenewest)
Model: Desean Taber (@deseandaily)
Stylist: Sonny (@sonnyfeld)
HMUA: Bianca Corso (@bmc_makeup)
Wig/Hair Stylist: Jocelyne “By Jawz” Ortega (@byjawz)
Process Facilitator: Po (@po.ave)
Gaffer/Grip: Chilam Cha (@chilamcs) Xuekun Zang (@marinamo)
Assistant: Carlos Benavides (@cardenphotos)
Wardrobe: Noah Pica (@no___duh), Erin Robertson (@an_erin), Acadia (@acadiaxemidy), Ex Mermaid (@exmermaid)

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