Get Ready to Get Petty With Your Petty Friend

Have we reached peak petty? A new blog thinks we can go even higher on the pettyometer.

Los Angeles-based blogger and “all-around trifling bitch” Kevin Leon recently launched a brand new venture, Your Petty Friend, a blog dedicated to fashion, friendship, finances and more.

“Your Petty Friend has all the topical tea you need to round out your shitty fad diet and live a better, pettier life,” Leon wrote about the site. “Because remember: pretty hurts, but petty doesn’t.”

To celebrate the launch, INTO caught up with Leon and asked him a few questions about his blog and what petty means to him.

What is your goal with Your Petty Friend?

To start fights, be a middleman for drama, and end relationships–maybe drop some knowledge in the process. But in all seriousness, we all have that one petty friend–you know who I’m talking about, and if you don’t, why not let it be me?

What made you want to start YPF? What do you think makes it different?

Everybody’s always trying to be all nice and politically correct. It’s time to stop being fake and start being petty. Beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks, but being petty might just do the trick. I’m calling everyone–including you–out.

What’s your favorite thing about being petty?

Making people cry. Bloodshed. The pure savagery of it all. Keep your head high and your middle finger higher. And eventually finding the humor in life because remember: petty people live longer.

You can check out Your Petty Friend and its first few blogs, including this one about the rules of being an Angeleno, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And there’s also merch if you want to communicate to those who know you just how petty you are.

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