Giggle Twins Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Will Host New Year’s Eve

· Updated on May 28, 2018

This year, Anderson Cooper will ring in the new year with his best gal pal but not Kathy Griffin.

CBS News reports that Andy Cohen is set to fill Kathy Griffin’s co-hosting duties after the comedian lost her annual gig due to her infamous photoshoot in which she held a bloody Trump mannequin head aloft. Griffin later revealed that after her infamous shoot, she and Cooper stopped speaking and are no longer friends.

Cohen is best known for creating the behemoth Real Housewives franchise at Bravo, hosting the reunions and asking the women about their accents in the middle of their arguments and hosting the game show-ridden Watch What Happens! Live.

Sure, it’s nice to see two gay men ringing in the new year, but any time Cooper and Cohen get together they basically work their hardest to reveal absolutely nothing about their sex lives, while knowing that if they do a million tweets will pour out about it.

Like that time Anderson spilled that Cohen is a top or the time Cooper blushed as Cohen revealed that he has a Latino fetish.

What kind of “ball dropping” innuendo will they giggle through? Catch CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast to find out what little tidbits about their sex lives Cohen and Cooper will slip past the censors.

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