This Gym Had To Tell Its Members to Stop Hooking Up in the Locker Room

Yes, gyms are meant for working up a sweat. But the members of Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood may have taken things a step too far.

Apparently, folks at Crunch Fitness have been having sex in the locker room. So much sex that the company took noticed and issued a formal statement, which comes courtesy of Twitter user @rossiferrrr, who captioned the pic, “Tell me you work at a gay gym without telling me you work at a gym.” The tweet (and Twitter account) has since been deleted, but the image lives on across the Internet.

A flyer from Crunch Fitness.
“Tell me you work at a gay gym without telling me you work at a gym,” wrote @rossiferrrr, the original poster.

“Attention Members,” reads the flyer posted at the gym. “Please DO NOT HAVE SEX in the Men’s Locker Room! You can have sex *literally* anywhere else, just not at Crunch Fitness. Otherwise, your membership will be immediately revoked. Please keep this safe space for all Crunchers.”

When the post made its way to Reddit, users had no shortage of quips about the situation.

“So this is the only way to stop credit card payments on your gym membership when you told them to stop,” wrote one user. If only.

Another posited that posting a flyer like this would only make locker room sex more common, to which a user replied, “Maybe it’s actually a clever marketing ploy 👀.” Okay, Crunch Fitness, we see you!

And over at The Sword — which, be warned, is a very NSFW news site — a user commented with a picture of the same flyer at a different Crunch Fitness in New York. Apparently, Crunch has a nationwide sex epidemic. Not the worst problem to have.

The same flyer at a different gym.
Different city, same story. Photo via The Sword.

At this point, Crunch, why not lean into the newfound notoriety? I’m sure business is booming like never before.

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