Hari Nef Is Working On A Script For Something She’ll Star In FYI

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Hari Nef is working onsomething!

In a profile for No Man’s Land, thenew magazine from The Wing, a coworking space for women and other not men based out of New York, that is being published online by The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion and style site, thewait. What was I talking about?

Oh, right. This new Hari profile.

So, there’s not a lot of definitive info in there. It’s more of a mood-setter, giving us a sense of what it might be like to trail the actress through New York as the face of Gucci Bloom decides which parts of her inner monologue she’ll share with us and which parts she’ll keep to herself. Along with a truly incredible one-liner (“I never had braces. Just depression!”), the profile also contains a blink and you’ll miss it sneak peek at what could be a career-defining project Nef’s working on.

“Slowly over the course of our day together, Hari revealed to me that she is writing a script for a project in which she will play the lead,” profile author Katherine Bernard writes.

And that’s all we get! This project she’s talking about, maybe it’s a TV show? Or maybe a movie? I really hope it’s not a play. Plays are fine, I’ve just made peace with the fact that I don’t see plays.


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Anyway, Nef, who played Gittel on season two of Transparent, has some other, more definitive work to keep an eye on. She plays Warhol superstar Tinkerbelle in Ondi Timoner’s Mapplethorpe biopic, and she plays a young woman caught up in a crazy hacking scandal or something in Assassination Nation.

“It passes the Bechdel test in a ‘Let’s try not to die’ way,” Nef told Bernard about the project.

Literally there!

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