Harnessing Up for Pride? Here are Our Picks.

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Who doesn’t love a harness? Whether you fancy some restraint, want to fight back against chest dysphoria, or simply want to look and feel outrageously hot during Pride, harnesses are the perfect choice. Equal parts accessory and statement piece, harnesses marry fashion and functionality like no other article of clothing can. And the best part? They’re basically lingerie that can be worn over your clothes. Or over nothing at all. 

If you’re looking to spice things up, here are some Zaddy-approved picks from queer-owned companies for all your harnessing needs. 

  1. @GARÇON

This queer-owned Canadian company makes chunky-strapped harnesses, thongs, and boxers that are eye-catchingly loud and unapologetically sexy. Their recent Pride campaign features model and bear-extraordinaire Frank Conti rocking a pink-and-blue ensemble that just screams “trans rights.” 


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2. Leak Your Sex Tape

It wouldn’t be a harness appreciation post if we didn’t give a nod to the excellent Louis Dorantes, who makes custom chains, corsetry, and, you guessed it, harnesses from his studio in Bushwick. This chain-link harness on model Jon Aro is the stuff of dreams.

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3. Zana Bayne

Designer Zana Bayne has been crushing the leather game for years now. Her minimalist approach to kinkwear still takes our breath away. She can also be quite extra, as this stunning pentagram harness shows. Don’t believe us? Just ask Lil Nas X.

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4.  Origami Customs

Minimalism is this queer lingerie company’s middle name. If you want all the strappiness and none of the fancy bells and whistles plus a little gender euphoria on the side, this is the place to look. Our recommendation? The lovely, simple Ruby harness

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5. Army of Men

This is for all the manly men who want to showcase their manliness in no uncertain terms. From full-body harnesses to shoulder straps, this Australian company makes pieces that can withstand war. And, you know, sex stuff. 

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