Hayley Kiyoko Blesses Us With New Song, ‘Let It Be’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Our lesbian mother Hayley Kiyoko shared yet another song from her upcoming album, and we’re swooning. The 26-year-old singer shared a clip of the song last night on Instagram, writing, “Dropping a new song tomorrow off of the album cus I feel like it.”

Dropping a new song tomorrow off of the album cus I feel like it 🙂

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Well, we’re glad she felt like it! “Let It Be” is a happy-sad, rhythmic song about love, loss, and longingbecause if lesbians love anything more than women, it’s yearning. The melancholy song is a mild departure from the tracks Kiyoko has released in the past, which have typically been upbeat, sexy alt-pop songs, like “Curious” or “Feelings.”

But lyrically, the song doesn’t stray far from the path, as Kiyoko tends to sing about longing for a girl she can’t have, in whatever capacity that may be.

“Let It Be” adds depth to the upcoming album, Expectations, with its haunting vocals, gloomy guitar riffs, and grim lyrics that are truly heartbreaking, only because they’re so relatable.

So far, this is the fourth release off Expectations, due out March 30th, which will hopefully capitalize on all the success Kiyoko has found online with her viral girl-on-girl music videos.

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