Girl bye!

Here are the funniest reactions to Ron DeSantis pulling out…of the primary

Well, the long nightmare that was the Ron DeSantis presidential bid is finally over. That’s not to say, of course, that his reign of terror in Florida is anywhere close to being over, but we do need to celebrate the victories we can. Sure, DeSantis was beaten in the primaries by the arguably worse Donald Trump, and that’s nothing to be excited about. But it does mean we’ll be seeing less of ol’ sticky pudding fingers in the year to come, and that, friends, is in its way a blessing.

So let’s celebrate with some of the finest reactions to this news.

We begin with a classic:

What’s more pathetic? Pulling out of the primary, or pulling out of the primary and endorsing Trump?

Will he ever live this down? It’s unlikely. He’s put the queer community through hell, and we’ll never forget it.

And somehow he couldn’t even quote Winston Churchill correctly.

The Disney gays have won.

This was a true team effort.

And let’s hope he keeps weeping.

Hopefully he’ll stop attacking the trans community now that his presidential run is over for good, but somehow we doubt it!

The words “Girl, bye” have never sounded so sweet.

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