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Here’s Every Time I Screamed During Janelle Monae’s ‘Make Me Feel’ and ‘Django Jane’ Videos

· Updated on April 16, 2021

Janelle Monae, both one of the best musicians and best actors of our time, is back with new music. Today,multi-hyphenate Monae released two songs accompanied byqueer AF videos from her upcoming album Dirty Computer,setting the internet ablaze.

The videos had us screaming. Here’s a comprehensive list, with GIFs, of every time Janelle Monae made us scream inher new videos.

“Make Me Feel”

00:34 Monae is walking through a club with Tessa Thompson and is greeted by a second Monae dressed in a fly tux.

00:44 When Monae sings “the feelings that I got for you” and Thompson gives her the most adorable look.

1:20 Thompson feeds Monae a strawberry on a stick.

1:47 When Monae turns around in her see-through rose-decorated jeans.

1:52 When Monae is first seen playing the guitar.

2:07 When Monae is literally dancing underneath rainbow legs.

2:36 When Monae literally starts dancing with both male and female romantic partners.

“Django Jane”

00:21 When Monae is sitting on her throne like the literal queen she is.

00:26 When Monae just stands under different lights and lets her melanin pop. She also says the line, “And we gon’ have to start a motherfuckin’ pussy riot/ Or we gon’ have to put them on a pussy diet.”


00:50 When the camera sways opposite Monae’s own swaying.

1:23 ”Remember when they used to say I look too man-ish?”

2:30 “Now hit the mute button. Let the vagina have a monologue.” THEN SHE LETS HER VAGINA HAVE A MONOLOGUE.

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