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Here’s Every Time I Screamed During Janelle Monae’s ‘Make Me Feel’ and ‘Django Jane’ Videos

Janelle Monae, both one of the best musicians and best actors of our time, is back with new music. Today,multi-hyphenate Monae released two songs accompanied byqueer AF videos from her upcoming album Dirty Computer,setting the internet ablaze.

The videos had us screaming. Here’s a comprehensive list, with GIFs, of every time Janelle Monae made us scream inher new videos.

“Make Me Feel”

00:34 Monae is walking through a club with Tessa Thompson and is greeted by a second Monae dressed in a fly tux.

00:44 When Monae sings “the feelings that I got for you” and Thompson gives her the most adorable look.

1:20 Thompson feeds Monae a strawberry on a stick.

1:47 When Monae turns around in her see-through rose-decorated jeans.

1:52 When Monae is first seen playing the guitar.

2:07 When Monae is literally dancing underneath rainbow legs.

2:36 When Monae literally starts dancing with both male and female romantic partners.

“Django Jane”

00:21 When Monae is sitting on her throne like the literal queen she is.

00:26 When Monae just stands under different lights and lets her melanin pop. She also says the line, “And we gon’ have to start a motherfuckin’ pussy riot/ Or we gon’ have to put them on a pussy diet.”


00:50 When the camera sways opposite Monae’s own swaying.

1:23 ”Remember when they used to say I look too man-ish?”

2:30 “Now hit the mute button. Let the vagina have a monologue.” THEN SHE LETS HER VAGINA HAVE A MONOLOGUE.

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