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Here’s How to Make Those Sweet Rainbow Colored Candy Sprinkles

· Updated on June 3, 2021
LGBTQ Nation editor Bil Browning, an expert baker, made this cake for the husband's birthday. The sprinkles enhance the rose colored frosting.
LGBTQ Nation editor Bil Browning, an amateur baker, made this cake for the husband’s birthday. The sprinkles enhance the rose-colored frosting

Candy sprinkles are sometimes referred to as “cake sprinkles,” a highly misleading term since the tasty rainbow-colored clumps of sugar can be used for a lot more than cake decoration.

This cake, also by Browning, concentrates the sprinkles for design effect.

But how do they make all those tiny bits of colorful sweetness? Do the pink ones actually taste any different? And can you make your own at home?

We’ve got the answers to an essential part of any prideful baking chef’s repertoire, amateur or professional.

Plus a cheat.

First, let’s take a look at how they’re made in a factory.

Sure, they can be manufactured in a factory. But can you make them at home? If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, there’s nothing you can’t spend hours making at home to while away the hours before life begins again.

Why not put your time to good use?

With only four ingredients and some food coloring, you can make them any size, shape, or color you want.

Don’t want to stir powdered sugar and water together? Would you rather have someone else do the work, but still be in charge of what it looks like?

The answer is simple. Cheat. You’ll still get to say you made the rainbow.

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