Hey, Mischa Barton, It’s Your Biiiiiirthday What’s Uuuuuup?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Today isn’t just the 29th anniversary of the execution of serial killer Ted Bundy. It’s also Mischa Barton’s birthday!

Barton, the British-born American actress who threw a chaise lounge and a lawn chair through our pool-shaped hearts with her portrayal of Marissa Cooper on the mid-aughts teen drama The O.C., is 32!

I’m feeling a little too happy 💛

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I wonder how she’s spending the day? According to the most recent post on her Instagram, @mischamazing, she went to a hockey game on Nov. 24 of last year. Maybe the Beautiful Life star is thinking about how much fun she had at the game? I’ve reached out to Mischa’s management to find out for sure. I’ll keep you updated in case I hear back.

According to some numerology websites I just skimmed, 32 is often associated with “justice.” Which is interesting! Considering how 32 also happens to be the age at which most of us have fully exited our Saturn returns, that quarter-life crisis that destroys your whole entire life but like in a good constructive rebuilding way don’t worry.

50 Shades of Black. 🕶🕶🕶@yamamayofficial #yamamayofficial #beyourself

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Perhaps we’ll see some “justice” for Mischa Barton in Hollywood over the next couple years? Maybe a breakout film role in a critically lauded indie or an appearance on an O.C. reunion? Rachel Bilson’s down, or at least “open” to it. So are Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody, as long as it’s a play (??). Maybe a holiday special where Marissa plays the Ghost of Chrismukkah Past?

Oh, yeah.

Marissa dies at the end of season three.

Spoiler alert.

HBD, Mischa!

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